The Latest Photo for Pixelpost - Test page - © Piotr GeoS Galas 2007

This site presents how to show the latest image on your site.

Probably you are wondering how it works?
This is how its done:
1) It takes RSS feed from site (looking for it in the root domain - /index.php?x=rss...) as document with needed data. Im using for it advAJAX lib (an advAJAX 2.0 RC2) oryginally written by Ɓukasz Lach -
2) It parses RSS feed where are all the latest images and takes first from them (the newest one).
3) It looks within document for element with ID equel to:

and puts there:
<img src="URLtoImage" border="0"/>

Now you are thinking "Coooooool but how to do the same at my Pixelpost???".
Solution is easy. All what you need is:
1) Copy this files to your site (click on it using right button of mouse and use option called "Save As"):

2) Using FTP upload this files to some dir at your blog's web accout (i.e. to
3) Copy this code to your template file (i.e. image_template.html):
<script type="text/javascript" src="pixelpost_dir/latestphoto/advajax.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="pixelpost_dir/latestphoto/lib.js"></script>
4) Remember to change paths to above files if you are using other then this which I gave here.
5) Put this to above template file in place where you want to show image:
<div id="showImageHere"></div>

If you have any questions then you can find contact date here.

This is the result of working script: